Make It Social

Crack-teams of serious, beard-stroking scientists agree; your event will bring people closer together if it involves far-out voyages, deep-space dives and the right blend of Pookas & pico de gallo.

Meetings & Events

Toast the merits of free enterprise in our beautiful, high-tech meeting rooms. Bring your employees closer together with feasts of fancy. And host your holiday party at the one place where "reindeer games" involve x-wing hyperdrive.

Boardroom Seating for Up to 10
Dinner Party Seating for Up to 20
Flexible Seating and Room Layouts from 10 - 350

Starting at $30/person

Team Building

Arguably the greatest take-away from '80s action movies is that explosions can bring us together like nothing else. Fortunately, PAC-MAN Entertainment is PACKED with explosions - from video games to go "boom" to donuts with combustible pop rocks. Look, if it worked for Danny Glover & Mel Gibson, it'll work for you & your employees.

Prices starting at $13/person

Ceremonies & Reception

Marriage is a quest, and some couples take this more literally than others. If your passion burns like the fires of Mount Doom and you have what can be described as "Beren and Luthien-caliber" romance, PAC-MAN Entertainment is the perfect place to celebrate your fellowship.

Prices starting at $50/person